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Sixth Form Fundraising Project

This year, the Chengelo Prefects team fund-raised for a charity feeding scheme named Umutima. This foundation, run by Miss Van Ouden, is located in Itala, Mkushi and provides lunch and school fees for primary and secondary students who are raised by single women who do not have the means to fully support their children.

I had the privilege of being on this year’s prefect team. Fundraising was such a wonderful experience. It, like every other task, had its own ups and downs. One of the challenges we faced as a team was the fact that we never managed to reach our target sum of money. That never discouraged us though, because we knew that what we made would still make a difference, no matter how small it was.

One thing I learned from fundraising was that it is not only the people that are being fund-raised for that get helped. The people fundraising are also helped by the process, and I was no exception. The act of giving your own time in order to make life easier for someone else is such a spirit-reviving thing. We learned to be selfless, we learned to spot people in need and do something about it. Most of all, we learned to work as a team to help the community around us.

Written by Stephanie Nyambe, Form 6 Student & Prefect

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