Outside Training

Supporting Disadvantaged Local Communities through Foundations Zambia

Chengelo Training Farm is the base for Foundations for Farming’s Centre of Excellence and hosts many training sessions throughout the year. Foundations for Farming also runs a student programme, whereby local farmers are taken through a year-long programme of agricultural training and discipleship.

Foundations train people to be good stewards using these three courses which combine biblical and practical principles:

  • Foundations for Farming
  • Foundations for Finance
  • Foundations for Family

The foundation of the teaching is Jesus.

Jesus taught us that if we are faithful with the resources God has given us we will have an abundance (Matthew 25:14-30). Jesus also taught that if we give generously we shall receive an abundance back (Luke 6:38).

In business, we aim to have an abundance by making a profit. We need to make a profit in farming to come out of poverty. To make a profit we need to be good managers. Good managers do everything on time, at high standard, without wastage, and with joy. Good managers can get rewards from using new technologies or methodologies of farming. We teach a sustainable way of farming, called conservation farming, which follows the principles God uses in His natural creation: mulching (no burning), minimal tillage (no ploughing), and crop rotation.