Chengelo Secondary School was founded in 1988 with a strong Christian ethos, which remains today the foundation of all that takes place at the school. Students are encouraged to read and reflect on the Bible as a guide for the many decisions they will have to make in life.  The formation of a child’s character is valued highly, and the school deliberately creates opportunities for this alongside its student leadership programmes. The school benefits from a superb campus with excellent facilities which, together with high standards of teaching and pastoral care, provide an ideal environment for students to learn.


The students follow an international curriculum, taking Cambridge IGCSE and A Level examinations.

We are proud of our results at Chengelo, with pupils regularly gaining admission to top universities around the world: Oxford, Sheffield, Liverpool, Reading, Cape Town, Rhodes, Princeton, Jacksonville and Queens, to mention a few.

Our students regularly achieve outstanding results. For example: In 2016, 96% of our Form 5 students obtained 5 or more IGCSE passes at grades A* to C, with 65% of the examination grades ranging from A* to B. Our results are not only the best in Zambia, but they compare favourably with those from top schools around the world.

In recent years the following students have been awarded a Cambridge ‘Top in the World' certificate:

- Julu Lund: AS Level Mathematics

- Karan Patel: IGCSE Business Studies
- Dalitso Moyo: IGCSE Computer Science
- Munashe Muyangwa: IGCSE Design and Technology
- Julu Lund: A Level Computing
- Anna De Wet: A Level Psychology

- Stephanie Nyambe: IGCSE Agriculture

Christian Ethos

A Christian ethos is more than a set of values; it is a way of living. At Chengelo we seek to build opportunities for students to grow in their understanding of what the Christian faith is all about as they grow up together, as they learn and as they continue to make sense of the world in which they live. School must be a safe place where students can ask questions and discuss their ideas together, but also where they can be challenged to consider how their own lives reflect the values they have and how their own actions can give glory to God.

During the week there is a mixture of compulsory and voluntary activities that allows the students to develop their own understanding of the Christian faith. They hear Christian teaching and they read the Bible; they also have study groups and youth services.

Tutor groups consist of 12-14 pupils (single-sex), and each group is assigned a tutor according to gender. The role of the tutor is to monitor the students’ progress and to care for them if they are having any difficulties socially, spiritually or academically. Tutors work closely with hostel parents and teaching staff to ensure that the needs of individual students do not go unnoticed.

Outdoor Education

A key part of Chengelo’s commitment to character development and leadership training is provided through our world-class adventure education centre, “Ndubaluba”. All students (from Pre- School to Sixth Form) are expected to engage in the outdoor education programme each year, giving them many opportunities to lead and take responsibility for others. Students participate in a wide range of activities that include camping, hiking, orienteering, rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing.

Placing students in situations that challenge them helps them to develop self-awareness and confidence. Students are taught to think strategically to solve problems. We encourage them to gain recognition for this by working towards the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DofE), which we offer up to Gold level.


Chengelo sets the standard in Zambia with our superb purpose-built sporting facilities, ensuring that all students can find a sport to enjoy, from archery to triple jump to football and tennis. Students are made aware of the importance of health and fitness to our overall well-being because a commitment to regular physical exercise and healthy diet establishes lifelong healthy habits.

Chengelo students regularly compete in sporting events nationally and internationally. We have also toured the UK, playing basketball and netball, as well as competing in athletics.

Extra-curricular Activities

Chengelo School offers a wide variety of clubs that includes sport, drama and hobbies. We regularly put on performances, such as our own productions of 'Tiyende Pamodzi' and ‘Toliwe’. The annual Music Showcase evening, featuring student performances of music from around the world, is not to be missed.

Chengelo School opened its brand new school hall in January 2018. It has a first class stage to ensure that even more students have the opportunity to perform, thus developing their own communication skills and confidence in public presentations.

Students are encouraged to join clubs that help them to work towards the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. This requires them to show regular commitment, to engage with their community and to learn new skills. A wide variety of clubs is therefore offered each term to ensure all students can fulfil these requirements. 

Over the years that students are at Chengelo, these broad-ranging extra-curricular activities provide students with excellent evidence of their interests, which reflects the breadth and depth of their characters in a way that is highly valued by top universities around the world.