Leadership Development


Developing Leaders

Ndubaluba’s Adventure Education Curriculum plays a major role in the leadership development of Chengelo students. The leadership model instilled through our programme is, ‘Servant Leadership’, the same model Jesus used in his life and ministry. This type of leadership also relates to one of Chengelo’s core values, ‘Servant Hearted’.

Leadership in young people can develop through two main areas: Character and Competence.

Character develops in many ways through the full range of our adventure courses from Pre-School to Sixth Form. Experiencing real and demanding challenges will test the character of the Chengelo students, while meaningful reflection on these experiences helps cement their learning and stimulates positive character growth and development. For every compulsory adventure camp tutors or class teachers will comment and rate individual student’s character development using the core values. This helps to monitor the character growth of students and give them meaningful feedback.

Leadership competence develops through specific input into the student’s leadership abilities. There are opportunities for input in all the Adventure courses with a specific focus in the Grade 7 and Form 4 camps. Students are encouraged to develop Jesus leadership qualities such as self-confidence, appreciation of others, passion, creativity, courage, planning, prayer, team building, training others, vision, long-term outlook, service, love, sacrifice, empowerment and spiritual discernment.  

These leadership competencies combined with Christ-like character produces powerful leadership to impact this nation and beyond.