Christian Life

Chengelo School

Christian Life at Chengelo

As a Christian school we organise a wide range of Christian activities as part of our school programme. There is a mixture of compulsory and voluntary activities so that pupils are not placed under pressure but receive a basic level of input with the freedom to make a personal response and find out more about the Christian faith if they want to.

These activities include:



Quiet Time (06.30-06.45)              

'Fusion' - Sundays (18.45-20.00)

Assembly (09:35)    

Prayer Meetings

Religious Studies Lesson (F1-3)

Discipleship Group - Tuesdays

PSME Lessons

Weekend Seminars


New Christians Group


Baptismal Classes


Christians in Action (CIA)


Sunday Church Service (10.00-12.00)

The staff of the school are all committed Christians who come from many different denominational backgrounds. In our compulsory and large voluntary meetings we teach the basics of the Christian faith without taking a particular denominational line and in taking your child into the school we assume that you would be happy for them to attend such gatherings. Staff may run smaller groups, which touch on subjects which are controversial to some Christians, e.g. baptism in the Holy Spirit, but these are always optional and we do not put pressure on pupils to change their beliefs or act against your wishes.

We do not follow a programme of pressurised evangelism and prefer children to make their own spiritual choices, influenced by what they see in our lives and the lives of the pupils who are Christians. Staff speak freely of their own personal relationship with God but do not take advantage of 'captive audiences' in the classroom or assembly. One of our primary aims in having this school is to share the light of Jesus. Families who are not practising Christians need to accept that their child may show an increasing interest in becoming a Christian. Our policy is to inform you of any significant steps your child may wish to take in their spiritual life.