Parent Teachers Association

Chengelo School


Chengelo's PTA exists:

  • To promote understanding and fellowship between School and Home with the aim of sharing responsibilities. The overall aim should be to advance the physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual well being of the students.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to enter into the activities of the school and to assist in its development.
  • To give assistance to the school as requested by the Heads.
  • To raise funds for projects approved by the Heads.

Executive Committee

The PTA is governed by an Executive Committee. This body of elected parents and staff meet regularly throughout the year to voice parents’ concerns and carry out the regular business of the PTA.

- PTA Chairperson - Mr. O. Silavwe
- PTA Vice Chairperson -
- PTA Treasurer - Mr. J. Yondela
- PTA Secretary – Mrs M. Chikwanda

Committee Members

- Mr. E. Chikwanda
- Mrs. P. Nyambe
- Mr. M. Kaona
- Pastor. N. Phiri
- Mrs. D. Hamuwele
- Mrs. J. L. Willers-Mwansa

Ex-Officio Members

- Mr. Andrew Cowling
- Mr. Chriss Banda
- Mrs. Esther Mbewe
- Mr. Silver Gerety

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting of the PTA is normally held each year at the end of Term 1.

Contact the P.T.A

To contact the Chengelo Parent Teachers Association please email the PTA Secretary, Mrs. Mary Ann Chikwanda on or call her on +260-0966993449.

Have an idea to support the school?

Send it straight to the PTA for consideration!