Creative Arts

Chengelo School

Be Creative!

“God has given us an imagination, and our imagination is really the principle tool from which all creativity and artistry comes.”

- Erwin McManus

The Creative Arts department encompasses the subjects of Art, Design &Technology and Music. Chengelo School places importance on creativity, both in and outside of the classroom, and believes in fostering individuality. Creativity is one of the core values of the school. Our Creative Arts programme provides the platform for students to engage their curiosity in a constructive and highly creative ways.

Collaboration is a treasured practice and highly sort after, 21st Century skill.  Chengelo School is committed to a collaborative programme that allows for an inter-disciplinarian approach to learning and exploring our world. Through Creative Arts, students learn valuable life skills that are transferrable to any subject and are a foundation for future tertiary education or the workplace. These skills include:

- Self-confidence
- Self Discipline
- Imagination
- Empathy
- Co-operation
- Communication skills
- Concentration
- Problem solving
- Social Awareness

Some disciplines of Creative Arts are offered academically and are timetabled to every student from Grade 1 to Form 3. There is then a selection given for students wishing to take IGCSE or A level. Chengelo School encourages additional participation in its extensive Arts Programme which includes various music ensembles, choir, visual art, design and performances which include musical recitals, dramatic productions and talent contests.  We believe that every student should experience Chengelo’s creative and cultural journey.

Chengelo School’s Creative Arts programme is a way of life, it’s a philosophy and practice that encourages creative freedom, absolute commitment and dedication to skills and crafts, curious exploration and collaboration. At Chengelo we encourage our students to push personal and external boundaries, we celebrate individuality and commit to nurturing the artistic essence innate in every student.