Welcome to Chengelo

Founded in 1988 Chengelo School has built up an excellent reputation for academic excellence, sporting success, and leadership training. This website can only touch on a very small part of all that we do but we hope to inspire you enough to visit us in the very near future.

The school began with a clear vision, summed up in the motto ‘As a Witness to the Light’. Taken from John’s gospel, this is our constant challenge to aspire to standards in all areas of school life that truly give honour to God.

  • Our Mission and Philosophy

    We believe every child is given a unique set of gifts and abilities from God and it is our job as educators to help nurture these. As we discover what makes each child special so we help to build their confidence and sense of self worth.

    This is why we run a broad based curriculum that values the traditional academic subjects, the creative curriculum, and the opportunities for character development and leadership training through boarding life and responsibilities and through our unique outdoor education programme.

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  • Chengelo

    Our Primary School

    Chengelo Primary offers a Christian boarding school for students from pre-school to Grade 7.

    Chengelo Primary’s commitment to the development of the whole child is seen through its provision of early literacy development, Cambridge Maths programmes, sporting opportunities, outdoor education and adventure education curriculum, specialised art and music teaching, and regular programmes for public speaking, drama performances, and a wide variety of extra-mural activities.

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  • Chengelo

    Our Secondary School

    Chengelo Secondary School was founded in 1988 with a strong Christian ethos which remains today the foundation of all that takes place at the school.

    The formation of a child’s character is valued highly and the school deliberately creates opportunities for this alongside its student leadership programmes. The school benefits from a superb campus with excellent facilities which as well as the high standards of teaching and pastoral care provide an ideal environment for students to learn.

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  • Chengelo

    Our Sixth Form

    The Sixth Form at Chengelo is a vibrant, intellectually stimulating and friendly place to be.

    Students benefit from the strong sense of community and belonging here and whether you are already a part of Chengelo or thinking about joining us, we are confident you will find Chengelo Sixth Form a fulfilling and enjoyable place to live and study your A Levels.

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  • Ndubaluba

    Adventure Education is a core part of Chengelo's vision and our students’ school life. It involves experiential learning where students absorb key life lessons through carrying out various outdoor activities and reflecting on their experiences.

    Mountain climbing, kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, adventure racing and bush survival are among the multiple adventurous activities Ndubaluba provides the Chengelo students to develop their Christian character and leadership.

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Our Mission

is to educate and train young people to become Witnesses to the Light of Jesus
Christ in Zambia, the continent and around the whole world.