Corona Virus (Covid-19) School Updates

Welcome to the Chengelo School Corona Virus (Covid-19) update page.

To ensure a single source of accurate information regarding Chengelo's response to Covid-19, you will find any statements  issued by the school below: 

Chengelo School Statements on Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement Re. School Closure - 16th June 2021

Statement ID: CS-CVD19-17022021-3

16th June 2021

Following the Covid-19 press briefing held by the Secretary to the Cabinet earlier this afternoon, Chengelo School will be closing in line with the Government directive stating that all pre, primary and secondary schools should close for a period of 21 days.
During the course of tomorrow, arrangements will be made for the school to close and parents may collect their children on Friday 18th June between 07.00hrs and 16.00hrs and on Saturday, 19th June between 07.00hrs and 12.00hrs.
Please note that student collection will strictly be a “pick-up and go” arrangement to comply with Covid-19 protocols and in order to keep our community as safe as possible.
International Students
Due to the inevitable delays in travel for our International students, the school will look after these children until safe travel arrangements can be made. Please can we ask that parents of any International students currently at Chengelo contact the school as soon as possible to discuss travel plans.
Daily Students
Parents of daily students in both Primary and Secondary should not bring their children to the school campus tomorrow, Thursday 17th June.
School will re-open on Sunday the 11th of July, 2021 and will close for the holidays on Saturday 7th August, 2021.
Naturally, the school will continue to monitor the situation and follow Government directives as and when issued and we will keep parents regularly updated via email.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers at this time.

Stay safe and God bless

Paul Vines
Chengelo School

Statement ID: CS-CVD19-17022021-2

15th June 2021

In light of the widespread increase of Covid-19 infections around Zambia, we have decided that we will not be having a half-term break as previously planned. We consider it unsafe to send all our students back to their homes during this third wave and then to bring them back to school shortly after.

We will, therefore, keep the students in school and alter our end of term closing date. School will now close on Saturday 17 July. We are currently working on adjusting our internal programmes to accommodate this change.

Furthermore, please can we ask parents to respect the following:

  • We are reducing traffic in and out of the campus, as a result we cannot allow parental visits nor boarders to go home for the weekend.
  • We will be meeting the students’ provision needs (such as toiletries, tuck etc) through the tuck shop by adding an extra amount to your child’s tuck account which will be billed to parents. Therefore, we are kindly asking parents not to send parcels into school for their children. Any such parcels will be turned back at the gate.

Thank you for your understanding and support in these matters.

Stay safe and God bless

Paul Vines
Chengelo School

Statement ID: CS-CVD19-17022021-1

17th February 2021

Chengelo School, alongside all other schools in Zambia, opened on Monday 1st February 2021 as per the Government directive. In preparation for the students’ return, staff were screened and tested. Subsequently, on arrival, all students were screened for Covid-19 symptoms.

Since opening, the School has been operating under strict Ministry of Health Covid-19 guidelines. We have been monitoring our students by taking their temperatures on a daily basis. We are also frequently engaging them on how they can play their part in keeping our community safe by masking up, social distancing and washing their hands regularly. Learning spaces and hostels are sanitized thoroughly each day. We have also restructured all our programmes and activities to ensure the school complies with MOH guidelines. We are using our pastoral care programmes to support the students through these challenging and changing times.

Students who have presented with flu-like symptoms have been referred to the clinic for screening and a Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) if needed. Those who have tested positive for Covid-19 have returned home to isolate and recover. These students continue to be supported by the School and are receiving work through catchup classes via Google Classroom. Following a positive test result our policy is to carry out ‘contact tracing’ followed up with an RDT on those who have had close contact with the positive cases. As required, we are informing and working closely with the local MOH offices. For international students, we have established a facility within school in which they can isolate and be monitored.

Most recently, on the afternoon of Tuesday 16th February, we had a very positive visit from the MOH Provincial surveillance team. They commended the School for how we are adhering to protocols, engaging the students to take responsibility as well as the initiatives we have shown in handling cases. The team supported our approach of sending students home who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the absence of a large isolation facility on site. They also confirmed that our situation is far from unique in the Province as the virus is widespread in the community.

Under the current guidelines we will remain open unless otherwise directed by the Ministry of Health.

Stay safe and God bless

Paul Vines
Chengelo School