Work With Us

Do you sense that God is calling you to work at Chengelo?

Chengelo is always interested to hear from committed Christian teachers or support staff, from Zambia or overseas, who are prepared to work in a rural school to carry on the vision of the school. At Chengelo you can serve as a:

Members of staff (teaching or administration) who work at Chengelo do so out of a sense of calling. Contracts are issued on a 2 year basis but a good number of staff have been working at Chengelo for many years. Staff receive a salary paid in the local currency (Zambian Kwacha) and are provided with accommodation, medical cover, the services of a maid and gardener and their main meal each day during term time in addition to a number of other benefits. At the end of every contract a gratuity of 25% is paid.

A full copy of staff conditions of service will be sent to all applicants who are invited for interview. The offer of a job to expatriate staff is subject to the school obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Chengelo runs a Graduate Training Programme for teachers from Zambia's top universities. For more information please get in touch via email on

Chengelo School has a number of staff who work here as volunteers. They have made contributions in a wide variety of ways to support the education and development of the school. Volunteers do not receive a salary from the school, but are provided with accommodation, some meals, a the services of a maid. Long term volunteers may also receive additional benefits. Some volunteers are here as "missionaries" where they are funded by a 'sending' church or organisation and have a missionary work permit. We welcome enquiries from those who are interested in contributing to Chengelo School in this way.

Chengelo is a great place to come to for a ‘gap’ year. The school has benefited greatly from the contributions made by gap students in the past. We have had former Chengelo students, school-leavers and graduates from all over the world, mostly young, but some not-so-young! Volunteers have helped out in the Primary School, with sport, in hostels or in our Outdoor Centre for periods of a couple of months to a year.

Many have taken the opportunity in the holidays to travel widely and explore Zambia and beyond. We welcome enquiries from committed Christians who are prepared to give of themselves and get stuck into some aspect of the school’s life. If you are interested please contact us outlining what you feel you can contribute or fill in an application form. Many of our gap students in the past have found their experiences at Chengelo to be enriching and challenging, and many have testified to it being a time when they have grown personally and spiritually. Expatriate gap students are expected to:
- Fund their own flights to and from Zambia
- Pay for their own Temporary Employment Permit from the Zambian Department of Immigration.
Gap students will be paid a small allowance, and will be provided with some meals and accommodation.

Email to find out more.

Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre runs a 2-year Instructor Training Program. Ndubaluba will train young Zambians who have a passion for adventure in leading outdoor activities, sharing their faith and working with young people. We are working towards getting this course recognised as a formal qualification within Zambia. Exciting times ahead!


Working Environment

All staff live on-site in two or three bedroom houses with single staff sharing accommodation. Staff in charge of pupils’ hostels live in attached 3 bedroom flats with communicating doors to the hostel. At present there are 70+ staff at Chengelo including Administration staff, nurses and GAP student volunteers. To enjoy Chengelo you must be prepared to live and work closely in a small community. As Chengelo is a boarding school there are also activities to organize over weekends. This is not a 9 to 5 job!

Staff Development

Chengelo has a proud history of staff development and remains committed to recruiting and building a high quality team to set standards within Zambia and beyond. In 2016 Chengelo launched its Graduate Teacher Training Programme to help ensure new recruits are given the very best opportunities as they begin their careers. Well qualified graduates are invited to apply for this one year training programme that requires them to evidence progress across a range of professional teaching standards.

In 2018 Chengelo launches its Middle Leaders Training Programme for Experienced Teachers who wish to build their careers to the next level and gain valuable management experience whilst reviewing ‘Best Practise’ from around the world. This important blend of theory and practise will ensure they are well placed to take up future leadership roles within the school or beyond.

As well as our own ongoing internal ‘Professional Development’ Chengelo makes full use of external providers with Chengelo staff taking part in ISAZ Training, Cambridge Examinations Training, ACSI Schools Conference and more. The school sponsors a number of staff in their own further studies.