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Chengelo Immerse scholarship recipients!

Chengelo recently participated in the Immerse Education Essay Competition. The winners receive a full or partial scholarship to a world-leading university such as Cambridge, Oxford, London or Sydney, where they get to spend a summer. This provides an unparalleled educational experience to our students.

This year and last year, 18 of our students were awarded partial scholarships. We are so proud of these winners.

Drum roll please as we announce their names:

Form 2

Benjamin Banda

Lukundo Mwambazi

Form 4

Mweshi Mfula

Nathi Sandawana

Form 5

Panayiota Spanou

Luumba Muyanda

Lineo Ndhlovu

Tusekile Nkhoma

Limpo Inambao

Mapalo Zyambo

Mayaba Manje

Etambuyu Mulozi

Temwanji Nalavwe

Ongani Banda

Mwelwa Chikoya

Temwa Changala

Lumba Ryan Siamuzyulu

Huge congratulations to all our winners.

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