Curriculum Delivery

Chengelo Training Farm


Chengelo Training Farm works closely with Chengelo School to ensure the practical aspects of the curriculum are fullfilled as well as providing healthy, fresh produce to the school. These aspects of our services are described below in more detail:

Cambridge IGCSE in Agriculture

Students carry out research on the farm, in the areas of milk production, pig produciton and crop trials. They also have the opporutnity to work on the farm, developing their agricultural knowledge and skills base.

BTEC Diploma in Agriculture

Chengelo Training Farm partners with the school in the delivery of our new BTEC Diploma in Agriculture. This sixth-form course is taught by tutors from Chengelo Training Farm, Chengelo School and the Farm Block. Having the farm on the students’ doorstep allows them to gain vital practical experience which will stand them in good stead for their future careers in agriculture.

Educational visits from Pre-School to Sixth Form

The farm has been instrumental in exposing students to how food is produced and giving them a passion for farming. We hope that through these farm visits, students may be inspired to pursue one of the multitude of agricultural careers and that we might see more of our students getting involved in this exciting industry.

Providing healthy fresh farm produce for the students and staff at the school

Whether it’s beef, pork, milk, eggs, vegetables or fruit, Chengelo Training Farm supplies fresh produce to the school kitchen so that the students can grow and develop well physically as well as mentally. We hope that supplying healthy produce to the students will also help them make good choices as they grow up, as they see the benefit associated with eating natural foods.