Learn Music

Chengelo's secondary music staff are all experts in their respective musical fields, and provide a broad range of experiences for students to get involved in. All Form 1 to 3 students are exposed to a selection of core musical activities, which include music appreciation, theory of music, music history, world music, as well as basic singing and keyboard skills. Thereafter, students have the option to take music through to IGCSE and A levels, where they study performance, composition and critical listening skills in more depth. A few of our talented past pupils have gone on to study music at university level.

Chengelo also provides interested students the opportunity to take extra-curricular performance lessons in a range of disciplines including piano, drums, guitar, classical voice and saxophone. A school choir provides an enjoyable platform for those interested in singing.

Advanced music students are selected to perform at Chengelo's Music Showcase, which also tours to Lusaka. One of the most exciting events of Chengelo's calendar is the biennial Musical Production. Successful recent musicals include iChengelo (2018), Toliwe (2016) and Tiyende Pamodzi (2014). These productions displayed the acting, singing and dancing talents of Chengelo's students, while tackling contemporary social issues and conveying our cultural history.