Christian Ethos

Chengelo School


Our Christian foundation directs our programmes and our values, our expectations for behaviour and our aspirations.

We believe every child is given a unique set of gifts and abilities from God and it is our job as educators to help nurture these. As we discover what makes each child special so we help to build their confidence and sense of self worth.

This is why we run a broad based curriculum that values the traditional academic subjects, the creative curriculum, and the opportunities for character development and leadership training through boarding life and responsibilities as well as through our unique outdoor education programme.


Core Vision

“Educate and train young people to become Witnesses to the Light of Jesus Christ in Zambia and beyond”

To provide:

  • First Class Christian Education within Zambia.
  • Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form and Outdoor Education that focuses on the development of the whole child and offers leadership training and character development.


How will we achieve this?

To fulfil this, our Objectives are to:

  • Model and encourage building of Christ-like character
  • Facilitate development of students’ cognitive and creative capabilities to achieve their maximum potential
  • Cultivate biblical/servant leadership attitudes.
  • Enable personal growth through physical activities and social development.