Our Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in attending Chengelo School!

We have streamlined our admissions process to ensure it is easy to understand and follow. The admissions process follows 5 distinct steps as laid out below. Please do ensure you read the instructions carefully for each step, and do not proceed to the next step until the requirements have been met.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Important Information

Please carefully read the following entry requirements:

When a student applies to join Chengelo School we consider the following criteria:

1. Age: We make every effort to ensure that the learners in each Grade or Form are of similar ages. Please see the grid below.
2. Prior schooling: In order to place them in the correct class you will be asked about their current Grade or Form.
3. CAT4 Assessment: This Cognitive Ability Test helps us assess their academic ability and how they learn.
4. English test: Any child whose first language is not English, will be required to take an English test to ensure that they are able to access the Chengelo curriculum.

The age requirement for the different years are as follows:

School Year Age of child on 1st January
Pre- School * 3/4
Grade 1 4/5
Grade 2 5/6
Grade 3 6/7
Grade 4 7/8
Grade 5 8/9
Grade 6 9/10
Grade 7 10/11
Form 1 11/12
Form 2 12/13
Form 3 13/14
Form 4 14/15
Form 5 ** 15/16
Lower 6th 16/17
Upper 6th ** 17/18

* New children in pre-school will normally do several trial days before starting fully.
** Please note that new students are not admitted into Form 5 or Upper 6th.


Submit an Application

Supply all the required information & supporting documents

Please complete the Student Application Form by clicking the button below.

**Please fill out each section as fully and accurately as possible.
**Please ensure you have digital versions/scans of the following documents before proceeding:

- Birth certificate
- Original school reports for the last two years
- Recent Photograph

Once your application is submitted you will receive an email from the school confirming receipt of your application information and instructions for completing remote entrance testing.

Entrance Testing

Complete an Online Entrance Test

Following the receipt of your application form and documents, the school will provide details for you to pay a fee (Grade 1-4: K150 / Grade 5-Sixth form: K500) and put you in touch with a testing official in your area who will set up an online test for your child to complete.

The test results are sent directly to the school, following which you will receive an email from the admissions team.

If the selection test was successful, you will receive an email confirming the date of the Open Day you will be attending in Step 3 of the process.

Attend an Open Day

Come and see the school and meet the staff

Once you have received a confirmed Open Day date from the school, we'll look forward to meeting you in person! Visiting the school as a family enables you to see for yourself what the school is like and gives parents a chance to talk with the Head teachers about their child’s particular interests or needs.

You are asked to arrive around 09:00 and should report to the Main Administration Block. You should bring with you:

- Original birth certificate
- Original school reports for the last two years
- A recent photograph
- Any other relevant paperwork

There will be a tour of the school and both you and your child will be interviewed, usually by the Headteacher.

You will then be notified via email as to the outcome of the Open Day and if successful, you should proceed to Step 4 in the Admissions Process.

Provisional Place Offered

Allocation of a provisional place pending final confirmation

If the Open Day went well, all required paperwork is completed and the school has available places in the year group you are applying for, you will receive an email offering your child a provisional place at Chengelo School.

To confirm the provisional place you will need to proceed to Step 5 of the Admissions Process.

Confirmed Place

Welcome to Chengelo School!

After you have been offered a provisional place, you may pay the required enrolment fee and provide a Transfer Form (if transferring from another ISAZ school). Once both are received, the school will confirm the offered place via email.

For details on payment amounts and how to make payment, please click the button below. Thank you for your patience through this process and we look forward to welcoming you to Chengelo School!