Bursaries & Assisted Places

Please Note

Bursary Applications for 2024 are now closed. You may apply for bursaries for 2025, however the Bursary Committee will not meet until October 2024, so you will not receive a response until after this meeting has taken place. Thank you.

Bursaries and Assisted Places at Chengelo

Chengelo School attempts to provide bursaries or assisted places for a number of our pupils, ranging from 25% to 75% of fees, although the standard would be 50% of fees.

The purpose of these is to provide support to parents or children in the following situations:
- Parents are in full time Christian ministry
- Children already at the school who lose a parent or main supporter
- Existing parents are facing unexpected financial difficulties

Applications can be made by contacting the Finance Manager on financemanager@chengeloschool.org. The Bursary committee reviews all applications in October each year for allocation of funds for the following year. The committee will take the following into account:
- Need
- Supporting documentation
- Interview with parents (if required)
- Participation in general school life
- Recent school reports (both academic and conduct)

Generally awards will be for one school year only and will require reapplication each year should support continue to be required.

For pupils not yet at the school, an application for support should be made at the time of applying for a school place, and the child will be required to be offered a place under the normal entry standards.

Applications should be directed to the Finance Manager, these can be delivered to the school or emailed to financemanager@chengeloschool.org Should you have any questions regarding the application you are welcome to contact the school for further information.

Please note:
All applications are dealt with in strictest confidence and under no circumstances will applications be discussed with any persons other than the Chengelo Board of Governors and the Bursary committee. In turn we request that applicants do not divulge details of applications and results. We realise this is a sensitive area and would not like comparisons to be made by persons who are not involved.

We ask applicants to be completely open and frank in giving reasons for applications. Our task is made that much easier if all information is available.