Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule and Payment Information

Chengelo is a non-profit making organisation. The term fees go towards the running costs of the school. Term fees are invoiced in Kwacha and are sent out to parents at the end of the previous term and must be paid in full by the first day of term. Separate Kwacha invoices will be issued for incidentals including uniform, medical, breakages, interest, arrears. For those in examinations classes exam fees will be invoiced at the end of Term 2 and must be settled before the examinations are sat. Fees are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change. Parents should expect an annual fee increase of no less than the published inflation rate.

The 2023 Chengelo School fees are as follows:

Termly (ZMW) Annual (ZMW)
Pre-School 3 days 5,370 16,110
Pre-School 5 days 8,790 26,370
Primary (G1-7) Daily 33,550 100,650
Primary (G1-7) Weekly 45,550 136,650
Primary (G1-7) Termly 53,520 160,560
Secondary (F1-5) 67,020 201,060
Sixth Form 77,100 231,300

- These fees are inclusive of all tuition costs and include all curriculum activities. Separate charges exist for Examination fees, Music Lessons and some non-compulsory extra curriculum trips.
- The enrolment fee is a non-refundable deposit payable on accepting a place, which goes toward the capital expenditure of the school.
** Examination fees for IGCSE and A-levels will be billed as an extra.

Enrolment Fees

Kindly note the 2023 enrolment fees as below:

Student Enrolment Fee
Primary Daily K18, 300
Primary Weekly K24, 800
Primary Termly K29, 000
Secondary K36, 500
Sixth Form K18, 500


Fees are due on the first day of each term. Fees include sports trips and Ndubaluba curriculum activities. Other expenses incurred (for example uniform or medical expenses) are charged termly in arrears. Fees are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change. Parents should expect an annual fee increase of no less than the published inflation rate. 

The following principles apply to the payment of school fees:

Fees must be paid in full before the start of each term, unless prior agreement has been given from the Finance Manager. Payment should be made by bank transfer or by deposit into the following accounts, we will not accept cash payments

- FNB Kwacha account no. 62537542012, sort code 262319
- FNB Dollar account no. 62537543234, sort code 262319
- Stanbic Kwacha account no 9130002723046, sort code 042308
- UK Barclays Bank Pounds Sterling account 10251917, sort code 201334

Payments made in foreign currencies will be converted to the Kwacha Equivalent on the date of receipt under bank details.

A card machine is available for visa or mastercard payments.

Payment Plans

We appreciate that some of you make incredible sacrifices in order to send your children to Chengelo. We are prepared to allow parents in this situation to pay the school fees by installments but this must be requested well in advance to the Finance Manager financemanager@chengeloschool.org. 

- Payment plan applications must be received by the Monday a week before the start of term. Any applications received  after this date will not be considered
- All outstanding fees must be cleared before the beginning of the next term. Pupils will only be admitted to the school if a minimum of 30% of the current term's fees have been paid.
- There is a 5% interest charge for any agreed payment date or post-dated cheque which is deferred.
- Parents who default on their payment commitment for two consecutive terms will no longer be eligible for payment plans. They can be reconsidered after a complete year of solid payment record.
- Any outstanding amounts on the first day of term without agreement from the Finance Manager will attract 5% interest . 

Interest only applies to payment for school fees, not incidentals which have been built up during the term.

Enrolment fees will be treated in the same way as school fees, i.e., sibling discounts will be given if the enrolment fee is paid in full before the end of the preceding term. Interest of 5% will be charged on any balance after the beginning of the term in which the pupil starts.

Failure to settle accounts after a pupil leaves will regrettably result in legal action. Examination results and certificates will not be released to parents until all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

If a pupil is withdrawn from the school, any outstanding balance on their account will be transferred to the account of any sibling who remains in the school.