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Secondary Inter-House Swimming Gala

This was a special day for Zambia as it celebrated 53 years of Independence. Chengelo began the celebrations with the annual Inter-house Swimming Gala. It was a perfect day for swimming, and the students arrived in good spirits, full of energy and enthusiasm.

As the morning’s events unfolded, there was great competitiveness from swimmers and houses, with good displays of sportsmanship. It is worth highlighting that 8 records were broken. Special mention goes to Nala Brubacher and Jared Falcone, for breaking long standing records from 1997, almost 20 years ago.

The final event of the day was the ten man squadron relay in which staff and students competed against each other. The staff team had the lead for most of the race but age got the better of them and the youthful Ndale team finished in first position.

The battle between the three houses was relatively all close all morning but there was a clear winner. Mukwa House came in first place with 289 points, followed by Kaimbi on 274 points and Ndale on 239 points.

As always, we give thanks to God for another wonderful day of events and we pray that he would continue to bless our school and our country.

Written by Mr Stewart Saint, Senior Sports Coach

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