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Form 4 Leadership Camp

Leadership camp was an extraordinary experience, unlike what I had expected.

A week before, when we were given a pre-camp briefing, it didn’t sound so exciting. It wasn’t in my interest that we were going to be blindfolded, put on a bus and dropped off in the middle of nowhere with just a map and compass, having to find our way to Ndubaluba in five hours. But yet, it was a great start to the camp, as I realised how that activity helped us to bond as a team.

The activities throughout the course of the week were well led, and I personally found the lessons helpful. The instructors did make quite the impression. I particularly enjoyed their lesson on Belbin’s principles of roles within a group, and how there are nine various roles that people fit into as part of a team. In my team, I found out that I played the role of a driver/fixer, and it helped me to understand my responsibilities and limitations.

Solitaire was another challenging experience. I was the last one to be dropped off, and that scared me a little because it meant that I was going to be the last one picked up. I thought it was going to be boring all by myself for several hours, but I began to think and explore more about myself. It was helpful because I barely take the time to do that at home. To conclude, I would like to thank Chengelo and Ndubaluba for giving us such opportunities to discover things about ourselves.

Written by Darryll Siame, Form 4 Student

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