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Congratulations to the Sixth Form Class of 2017

Students and staff are celebrating another year of academic success in the Sixth Form.
We are thrilled to announce the outstanding A Level results achieved by our Upper Sixth class, a testament to two years of hard work from students, teachers and tutors. Across the board, a remarkable 81% of our students achieved A*- C grades, with a pass rate of 100% (A*-E). We are also very pleased to note a 15% increase in students achieving A* and A grades.
Whilst there are many notable success stories amongst these results, special mention must be made of our head girl, Thandiwe Mwanza who secured 2 A* grades, 1 A grade and 1 C grade - a phenomenal achievement which placed her top of the year group, adding to her previous accolades where she achieved Top in Africa for Religious Studies  in addition to being one of our 'Cambridge Highest Academic Performers' at IGCSE level. Thandiwe is currently applying to Reading University to study Law.
Other leading students in Upper Sixth include our Deputy Head Girl, Paula De Wet who achieved 3 A grades and 1 B grade and Dalitso Moyo, our Head Boy, who achieved 2 A grades, 1 B grade and 1 C grade!
Our lower Sixth Form also experienced great success once again, with 98% pass rate (A*-E), an improvement of 4% on last year (94%). Our highest performers this year were Ntalasha Mwansa and Chanda Mulenga, who both achieved 3 A grades and 1 B grade.
Other top performers in Lower Sixth include:

- Manisha Jayetileke - 2 A grades and 2 B grades
- Lesta Roberts - 2 A grades and 2 B grades
- Trivik Ragha - 2 A grades and 2 B grades
- Sanana Mwanawina - 2 A grades and 2 B grades

Many of our students scored well above their target grades this year. Adela Chokotho, Sanana Mwanawina and Ntalasha Mwanza all achieved above-target grades in 3 subjects, while Lumino Mutoloki achieved above-target grades in 2 subjects, one of which was Psychology where he was aiming for a C grade but achieved an A!

We are all very proud of our Sixth Form students who have worked very hard all year to achieve such high academic standards. I am also grateful to our dedicated team of Sixth Form tutors and teachers who have provided invaluable support and guidance along the way. Many of our students are now off to university and we would like to wish them all the best in the next phase of their education.

- Mr. Jon Hammond, Head of Sixth Form

% A Level Passes
Grades A*- E
% A Level Passes
Grades A*-C
% Increase in
Grades A*-C


  1. Charity

    I would just like to thank God for my daughter and letting her come this far. I am proud of you my girl lesta and manisha I see you 😉❤️

  2. Bwanga A.

    This is an awesome achievement. Keep up the great work, Chengelo.

  3. Malakata Masauso Phillip

    Congratulations chengelo

  4. Nauta

    Congratulations Chengelo! Well done, all you students. Happy to see names of some of my former students: proud of you

  5. Martin Mwansa

    I really thank God for Ntalasha Mwansa’s excellent performance. proud of you.You are really a blessing to the family.Thanks to School management and staff for their hard work skill and focus which made it possible for Ntalasha ‘s achievement.Stay blessed

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