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Design and Technology Birdbox Project

Birds are welcome at Chengelo!

Our Form 1s have been busy designing and creating bird boxes which have been installed all around the school. The project involved the students learning about the importance of stewarding the environment that God has given us and the important role that birds play within this. They learned how birds are important for many different reasons, from controlling pests, to spreading seeds, to bringing beauty to our world. On the practical side, the project gave them a chance to hone their woodworking skills, becoming more accurate and neater in the process.

We hope you like the photos of our colourful bird boxes and next time you come to Chengelo you may spot one of the sixty up a tree, hopefully with birds nesting inside!

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  1. Linda siddle

    Well done Form 1″s! such a worthwhile project and I love the variety of the art work.

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