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Form 3 Mount Mumpu Camp

Form 3D went on the Mount Mumpu camp from the 23rd to the 27th of September. The focus of the camp was on trusting and having faith in God.

During the camp the class was challenged through various activities that included solitaire, managing and cooking their own food for the week and ultimately climbing Mount Mumpu.

Through these activities they learned to appreciate each others’ strengths and rely on one another to complete various tasks. The camp challenged the students spiritually, physically and emotionally. Form 3D persevered throughout the week and the camp offered a lot of opportunities for the students to grow their faith and put their trust in God. It was a fun and successful trip and we are thankful to God for this opportunity to draw close to Him.

Below is an article from one of the students about their personal experience on the trip:

My Mount Mumpu experience was indescribable, but I’ll try my best to put a bit of the trip into words. I cannot say this camp was particularly easy, one of my biggest challenges was learning self-control. There were moments I got frustrated but with the understanding of my classmates I learned to control my emotions. The climb up Mount Mumpu was a huge challenge. It is a steep mountain to climb and you need the assistance and support of friends to get to the top.

This taught many of us to trust and rely on one another. Climbing Mount Mumpu gave me an opportunity to truly recognize God’s beauty. When I was at the top I realized my significance in the world, acknowleding how small I am and yet God still loves me!

Overall Mumpu has been a camp that I would definitely do again! From the encouraging instructors to my supportive friends I have learned so many valuable life lessons that I will keep forever.
Jemma Tomlinson.

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