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Grade 6 Environmental Camp

The Grade Six Environmental Camp is an annual event that engages children in activities that direct their minds towards responsibility and stewardship of all of creation.

Hosted by Ndubaluba at Mwansa Chawa’s game farm and led by instructors Mr. Ankers and Mr. Brighton, the bush camp was extremely fun and wonderfully exciting. It provided for hands-on learning experiences that engaged the children in activities that ignited a love for creation and for the creator.

The expedition began with a Bug Busting adventure, followed by walking and canoeing safaris. The camp was packed from the beginning with activities that gave the class an appreciation of their natural surroundings and an awareness of the challenges that Zambia and the rest of the world are facing in terms of pollution, deforestation, global warming and all the consequent changes to weather patterns as well as to animal and plant life.

An ultimate test of inner strength, trust and faith came during “the night under the stars”. The class were challenged to select sites to build their own shelters using only items they could find in the environment. Their only covering was a mosquito net to ward off any pests and bugs that might interfere with their sleep. The children had a wonderful time and it was a glorious night under an incredible sky!

Grade 6 left this camp with increased awareness of God’s glorious nature, His love for people, and a reminder to be mindful about all that He has set for us to do for His glory. A special thank  you to Ndubaluba and to the Karnezos family for hosting us!

Mahongo Silenga

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