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Around the World with Grade 4!

Grade 4s have been on an incredible learning adventure with this term’s topic, ‘Around the World‘. They happily settled into their freshly painted classroom, engaging with some of our fabulous school resources – from beautiful maps and puzzles to dozens of exciting new Library books! ‘What do we know about our world?’ was the key question that guided the children along their learning journey! They have become globe trotters; zooming from continent to continent whilst exploring different places and their amazing features! Their classroom passports give a small glimpse into the places they discovered.

The children wowed us with their super art projects on both the natural and man-made ‘Wonders of the World‘. They also created a beautifully illustrated class book, filled with ‘Letters from Around the World‘, which they wrote themselves whilst on their ‘travels’. Amidst all the fun and adventure, by far their most exciting activity, has been opening the morning mail. Throughout the course of the term, Grade 4 have received real letters and postcards through the Zambian postal system, from people all over the world. They have loved it so much that they have started to create their own morning mail, just so that they have something to open each day!

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
Dr Suess

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