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Primary Rum Doodle Rock Climbing Camp

Chengelo Primary pupils recently took off on a weekend adventure to the Mwendafye Hills. They carried their own equipment for the trip which included the rock climbs known as ‘Mopani Mayhem’ and ‘Handlers Horrors’, as well as setting up camp on the hill top. Boys and girls competed to be the first in the fire starter challenge, took a night-time walk to see the stars, toasted marshmallows and reflected on the promises of God. After after a night under canvas and a hike in the hills, all returned tired but happy to school.

Congratulations to all pupils for completing the camp and earning their Wild Camp and Rock Climb Rum Doodle Adventure Award badge


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  1. Davies Mambwe

    Wow awesome guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been too mwendafye hills to pick masuku reaching as far as where the cross was, are those small monkeys still there in the hill?