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Grade 2 & 3 Ndubaluba Camp

Wow! What a great way to start the second half of Term 2 for the Grade 2 and 3s…our class camp at Ndubaluba!

This year our camp focussed on the continents of the world. Each activity was linked to a different continent and we learned about some of the amazing animals found in each one.

In Asia the children had to walk along a tight rope high up in the bamboo to reach a toy panda at the end! They also made wind chimes out of smaller piece of bamboo, exploring their creativity and discovering their problem solving skills.

In Europe we found lots and lots of mud! We had to dodge a fierce dragon and bravely wade through a swamp or two!

Each continent provided yet more adventure! I think the highlight for many of the children was our morning at the dam. We enjoyed an exciting scavenger hunt and paddling across the water on rafts. Our final activity was matching natural items to paint swatch cards showing what an amazing variety of colours we find in nature. What an amazing world we live in!

A big thank you to the Ndubaluba team for a fantastic camp!

by Gwyneth Bentley

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