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Easter Cantata

Jerusalem Joy is not a play, it is not a concert, it is not a choral – in fact it is a mix of all three.

Jerusalem Joy is written by Roger Jones. Roger first began composing so as to involve as many as possible in music making and in telling Bible stories and Christian truths in a fun and accessible way. Jerusalem Joy emerged as a cantata when he wanted to teach his school choir about Easter and message of God’s love for mankind.

Just before the end of term, Chengelo performed this unique musical cantata in a lively and fun way as written by Roger, with some added elements of African culture.

The story is told through the eyes of the disciples, from Psalm Sunday to Jesus’ resurrection. The audience learned of the story of Jesus entry into Jerusalem on that sunny Psalm Sunday. Of His love in sharing at the last supper, the mockery of the High Priests, the betrayal by Judas, Jesus’ trial and Pilates’ quandary. Then followed Jesus’ fear and pain as He pleads with God, His Father, about dying and His loving forgiveness on the cross as the story ends with the stone being mysteriously rolled away from the tomb.

The performance was sung by students from Grade 4 to Upper 6 and solos performed by Ian Richardson and members of the Senior School Choir Club as well pieces by Jinlin Li on piano, the Senior and Junior Djembe Groups and beginner recorders, and accompanied by Chad Soutter on saxophone, Daniel Vissani on piano and Mbuwemi Nyirenda on drums.

The evening was a great celebration of Easter and of our risen Lord.

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