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Cultural Day

Being a culturally diverse school, with 27 different nationalities represented at Chengelo, this week marked the first time we have celebrated International Cultural Diversity Day – a time to embrace our uniqueness, and to recognise the global contribution made by many different cultures across centuries of global development.

Inside the classroom, students had the opportunity to learn more about how the development of our curriculum has its roots in a vast number of different innovative people from different cultures.

Mr Hammond’s Form 3 chemistry class took time out of the usual lesson to learn about scientists from around the world who have profoundly influenced our understanding of science. The day was marked in the afternoon by a cultural assembly led by the Sixth Form which included a number of performances from students, including a Polish song played on the cello by Rebecca Green in Upper Sixth and several dance routines.

Students competed in a cultural quiz which tested their knowledge of world flags, musical styles, presidents and cuisine. Speaking of food, some brave students volunteered to taste different foods and ingredients from around the world, blindfolded! Many of our students were dressed in their own cultural attire, which gave us a good excuse for a mini fashion show.

To conclude, Head Boy, Prince Chambwe addressed the school to remind us of the value of a culturally diverse community. The day finished on the sports field with games from around the world, a welcome departure from the students’ usual routine.

Well done to the Sixth Form for all their hard work and well done to all those who took part.

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  1. Susi Linah

    More Amazing Activities been carried out !Makes me want to come back and reexperience a Chengelo life once more Again.

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