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Gold DofE Qualifier on Lake Tanganyika

Over half-term a small group of intrepid sixth form students travelled the long road to Mpulungu to start their canoe Adventurous Journey across Lake Tanganyika. However, before we could even reach Mpulungu we needed to carry all our gear including canoes across an impassable road bridge, which had been washed away in the rains. The adventure had started!

Unpredictable stormy weather was the next challenge and the team was able to canoe most of the way across the lake before the wind picked up and prevented us from canoeing further. We rested on a beach and finally received a lift from a local lodge motor boat. The next day the Gold Adventurers scaled the heights of Kalambo Falls, the second highest waterfall in Africa. Amazing views and a cold coke (a Kung-Fu for some!) greeted them at the top.

On day 3 the group studied the lake environment, especially the amazing fish species, quite unique to Lake Tanganyika. Local children from the village next door came to our beach in the afternoon for canoe races and cultural interaction. Thankfully, the canoe crossing back to Mpulungu was calm but still long (6 hours).

The Adventurous Journey was a meaningful time for all involved. The reflections by the students about the vulnerability of the experience and the amazing environment were very touching. We praise our God for a wonderful safe trip, totally immersed in His wonderful creation! Well done to Rebecca, Rhea, Ruvimbo, Mwane, Prince and Tekani for your amazing efforts, fun and for completing your Gold Adventurous Journey.

Richard Thompson Head of Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre

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