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Primary Creative Expression

The Primary Creative Expression Event gives our Primary children the opportunity to showcase their talents in dance, art, poetry and drama. This year, all performances were based on the Chengelo Core Values which are perseverance, servant-heartedness, faithfulness, integrity, responsibility and creativity.

The event began with preschool giving the audience a wonderful song on perseverance, followed by Grade 7 dramatically reminding us to be creative through a variety of animals they had made using lego. Grade 2 and 3 moved much of the audience to tears with their poem on servant-heartedness. They demonstrated this by washing the feet of the people that have shown great servant heartedness among them as Jesus did, which was really beautiful.

Grade 5 brought to life famous historical people that persevered in their lives and Grade 4 sang a lovely song on responsibility. Grade 1 also sang a song about having faith like a mustard seed and last but not the least, Grade 6 recited a poem and amazed the audience with their table pounding.

All in all, it was a fantastic event and we thank God for the gifts and talents he has placed in each of these children.

Mahongo Silenga, Grade 6 Teacher

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