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Form 1 Has Got Talent!

Adventure has always been a part of the life of a Chengelo students, and the Form 1s had their first introduction to adventure education in secondary school as they spent a week at Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre.

The challenges started from the word go with a 13km trek from the school to Ndubaluba, which all of the students did without complaining or giving up. The form was then split up into 5 groups in a way that would encourage students to meet people they had not got to know yet. These groups had to bond quickly as they were thrust into a series of challenges including survival, orienteering, climbing, kayaking and initiative tests.

The skills and teamwork they had learnt during the week culminated in the Rocket Race, which is a 10 km adventure race with various initiative tests along the route. This gruelling race took teams around 7 hours to complete and included building a raft, solving puzzles and making a stretcher to carry a team member back to base.

On finishing the race, the teams had to launch a rocket higher than the climbing tower, which would signal that they had finished the race.

Each student showed determination and teamwork during the week and it was clear by the end that many new friendships had been made and that our Form 1s had made big steps in developing their initiative, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

One of the main themes of the week was about encouraging students to use the talents that God has given them to serve Him and each other. Students were able to showcase some of their talents during a show which they put on during the week, and it was great to see such a wide variety of talent on display.

Thank you to Ndubaluba for putting on such a great camp. The staff were excellent and students really enjoyed the activities and food! The staff also had a great experience and for the first time ever, entered a team in the Rocket Race and finished first!

Mr. David North

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