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Primary Swimming Gala

It was a damp grey dawn on February 9th, the morning of the the ISAZ Copperbelt Swimming Gala, but not even the threat of rain could dampen the spirits of the swimmers from 4 schools who travelled to be at Chengelo for this exciting event. Competitors from Ndola Trust, Simba, Amano and Lechwe schools made the journey to take part.

The Chengelo Primary swimming team had been training long and hard for this event, multiple times a week and even multiple times a day, and the efforts of all involved most definitely paid off. The atmosphere from the spectators in the grandstand was incredible with Chengelo students creating unique chants to encourage each of their team mates representing the school as well as to congratulate the other schools on their successes. Both the pupils watching and those who represented the school in the pool did us proud!

Excellent performances from all our swimmers gave us an early lead followed closely by Lechwe School. Spectators were able to watch pupils take part in races across all 4 strokes as well as the highly anticipated relay in the final stages of the gala. Chengelo eventually secured 1st place in the overall event and there were some exceptional displays from swimmers such as Benjamin Hammond, Oliver Swan, Nande Yondela and Raphael Chibangu, who all dominated their respective races from the moment the whistle blew!

The outstanding sportsmanship shown by all 5 schools meant that everyone was able to enjoy the morning. All the competing teams put in solid performances, showcasing the range of talented swimmers from across the Copperbelt!

Special mention must got to Mrs. Catherine Falcone and the incredible job she did organising this event while tirelessly training the swimming team too! To all the pupils, parents and staff who came to spectate, support or lend a helping hand, thank you! Finally a massive thank you to all the schools who came such a long way to make this event such a special one! We look forward to the next one!

Lucy – Primary Gap Student

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