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Grade 5 Ndubaluba Camp

Grade 5 class travelled to Ndubaluba for their 4-day camp. The theme for the week was “Sharing our God-given Space.”

The students came across many team challenges and tricky initiative tasks that tested their problem-solving skills and their trust in each other. They shared kayaks and worked together to move in the right direction, encouraged each other during individual trials and had plenty of laughs along the way.

One of the most memorable activities was climbing “Jacob’s Ladder” in groups of three as the rest of the group helped by controlling the ropes holding the climbers up. The hill climb on the final day was also challenging but all members of the class managed to get to the top and see the mast that looked so small from the base! There were also some nice times of relaxation and reflection around the camp fire with some delicious hot chocolate!

Overall, it was a fantastic week, one which Grade 5 wish they could repeat again but they will keep fond memories of their adventures and achievements from the week!

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