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Kundalila Xtreme!

Recently, our Lower Sixth form students participated in Kundalila Xtreme, an outdoor trip organised by Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre.

Ndubaluba is all about character development and strengthening of an individual’s faith, in a way that isn’t possible in a classroom or on the sports field. The activities were in the format of a continuous race, mostly centred around the Kundalila Falls. At the top of the waterfall, there was a rock climb on a knife-edge cliff, with the waterfall directly behind it. There was a zip line across the gorge, with an 80 metre drop below it, which gave a breath-taking view of the falls. There was also the famous ‘donut dunk’ where you dive down under the swirling waters at the top of the waterfall and squeeze your way through a hole in a rock on the river bed.

At the bottom of the waterfall was the gorge walk, which involved making your way through powerful rapids and wintry water, to the plunge pool of the 80m waterfall. We had a mini expedition too where we slept away from camp for a night as individual teams. The activities widened our perspectives on life. I personally began to think in a more selfless way, and I expect I’m not just speaking for myself. When I looked at the natural beauty that I was enclosed by, I was once again flabbergasted by God’s magnificence. It brought this quote to mind: “How cool is it that the same God, who created mountains, and oceans, and galaxies, looked at you and thought that the world needed one of you too?”

I’ll end by saying that I feel very privileged to be in a school that cares for more than the grades I get, and everyone who went on this trip can agree with me by expressing how grateful we are for this opportunity.

Two students gave their feedback below:

“Without a doubt Kundalila Xtreme is the most physically and mentally demanding Ndubaluba trip I have ever experienced at Chengelo.”

“Long hikes, freezing waters and cold nights was already enough to make me give up but I was motivated to persevere! The fear factor we had to overcome helped us to trust in God for strength. Also, the spectacular views we had over the waterfall during the activities helped us appreciate God’s amazing creation and Zambia’s natural scenery. ”

– Rhea Tailor, Bina Mukuyamba, Lower Sixth students.

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