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Form 1 has got Talent!

“We are the black mambas; prepare for certain defeat, a drop of our venom will kill you in a beat, sssssss!”

Is that a threat or what?! Predators, Vipers, Flaming Strikers and Black Mambas were the names of the teams that were up against each other last week at Form 1 camp. Swimming in rivers (accidentally), climbing up a tower blindfolded, firing a water bottle rocket and making fires in the rain – what more could a Form 1 dream of doing on an Ndubaluba camp?

We had such a super week away and it was brilliant to see everyone getting so stuck in (sometimes literally!) and to see the group build relationships and try new things as well as learn about the talents that God has given each one of us.

One challenge that caused much hilarity as well as frustration, was the survival activity where they had to make a bush pizza! Getting a fire started was the first hurdle and one that resulted in much fire fanning and ember “borrowing”. Teams spent ages building their fire and trying to nurture tiny sparks into flames, trying again and again until there was great celebration and dancing when at last there was smoke! Often the smoke died down and the fire went out within a few minutes, and the team had to spend a few more precious “Ndollars” to buy another match or another cotton wool ball to start again. Some groups even went as far as borrowing whole logs of fire from other teams just to try to get their wet “dry” grass to catch alight, and there were some serious negotiations taking place as to what they would like in return for sharing their fire, usually revolving around food! The bush pizzas ended up looking surprisingly delicious but I think that is the first time I have ever seen a cheese-less pizza topped with carrot and ox heart – and possibly the last one they all hope to see too!

The rocket race required perseverance and teamwork as the teams battled their way across dambos, fought off irritating midges and made rafts. I have never seen so much excitement about packed lunches as there was on that day; there was lots of trading going on between students as to who got what and who could swap what with who! The instructors definitely won the water fight that broke out, but I know the students will be planning their revenge for Tribal Survival next year! Form 1 certainly does have talent – so watch out, some of them could even become Ndubs instructors in the future!

Hear it from the students: “The food was impeccable,”- Zalika. “It was so fun to have a new adventure” – Nande. “I had so much fun climbing the wall” – Mpenyana. “It was tiring but enjoyable walking to Ndubs”- Aeriona. “I enjoyed the camping and survival challenge”- Lukundo. “It was nice to try something new” –Kayla. “It was fun to make a pizza in the bush”- Mapalo. “The kayaking was amazing” – Tabo. “I had a great time learning about God” –Neissa. “Although I failed, I tried and tried again until I made it”- Oceane.

Thanks so much to Ndubaluba, we loved our time with you!
Form 1

Story and Photos by: Sarah North

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