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Sixth Form Prefect Induction

After the much anticipated arrival of our new prefect team, our first activity was the prefect induction. Fourteen prefects endured rigorous challenges designed to test their character and competence, the two main focus points of the day. The tasks emphasised physical endurance and mental agility, drawing out individual skills and ability as well as team work, a vital part of being an effective prefect. From building a sail boat and kayaking across the dam to crawling through muddy waters hindered by obstacles, the team were certainly put to the test.

Our Deputy Head Boy, Chapukwa Sisya writes: “As a team, we were not focused on what we as individuals are capable of, but what we can accomplish together. We were encouraged that when we placed Jesus at the centre, we were able to persevere and complete the challenges together.”

The latter part of the day was more reflective and focused on goal setting and vision. We are very excited by the new vision of the prefect team of 2018 and look forward to seeing them flourish in their roles.

Mr Hammond
Head of Sixth Form

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