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Adventure Challenge for Schools

Our Adventure Challenge for Schools team is currently in South Africa competing against fellow students in a wide variety of adventure sports including night navigation, long distance running, kayaking and cycling as well as problem solving, team motivation and camp craft.

This 20th Anniversary event is being hosted by Stanford Lake College, South Africa. The race organisers have made this an event to remember emphasising the focus on unsupported racing. This means tougher challenges over longer distances with all equipment carried by racers.

The race this year will take place over 5 gruelling days. Challenges will be given at random throughout this time and teams are expected to be ready at all times of the day – especially in the early hours of the morning!

As a team of 14 racers and support staff we are representing Chengelo School and Zambia with pride. Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we take on this challenge together.

The teams this year:

Team Waka Waka 
Nathanael Falcone, Nicholas Edmonstone, Stella Chanda and Paul Imbwae

Team Mulilo
Jared Falcone, Eviana Kawinga, Philipp Drazdik and Kennedy Zaloumis

Support Staff
Mrs Falcone, Mrs Chen, Mr Ankers, Mr Martin, Mr Sopo and Mr Sichone

To all supporters and friends, thank you for your support!

We are especially grateful to our official Team Sponsors: LuaLua Enterprises Ltd, Farmfeed Ltd and Joe Public. Thank you!

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