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Grade 4 & 5 Assembly

Grade 4 and 5 took us all back in time through their recent class assembly on Ancient Egypt. Their musical highlighted exciting topics such as health, food, fashion, farming, art, music and science of the Ancient times.

It was mesmerising to see three pharaohs in all their regalia, including ‘Ramses the Great’ and the famous Tutankhamun. The children clearly showed the power and supremacy the Egyptians put on their Pharaohs, even to the extent of being worshiped as a god! It was also very thought provoking to note that the Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods and worshipped them devotedly, but also sad that the Ancient Egyptians didn’t know about Christ and that He is the one and only true God.

Chengelo School

With their beautiful Egyptian costumes and makeup, the chelephants class treated us to some fantastic music and dancing including dance moves from the famous song, ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ choreographed by one of our very own parents.

A big well done to all the children in Grade 4 and 5, their teachers and all their parents for their hard work and support that made this class assembly a great success!

By Judy Thompson, Grade 4 & 5 Teacher

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