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Kapandathon 2017

The annual Kapandathon is a fund-raising event led by our Grade 7 class in support of Kapanda School.

This year, the event was held on Friday, 22 September and once again featured competitive running, walking, cycling and swimming activities. All Grade 7 pupils and 14 Kapanda School students participated in the event and a total of 345.3km was covered on the day with Chengelo completing 247.3km and Kapanda 98km! This is about the same distance as Chengelo is from Lusaka!

During the event, competitors were able to take part in two activities and had to complete as many laps in an hour as possible. The highest totals came from Aidan Holding who cycled 18 laps, (a total of 18km) and Shalom Musonda who swam 79 laps (a total of 19.75km). Daniel Opit and Safari Olunga gained the highest running score for Chengelo with 18 laps (7.2km), but Comfort Kunda from Kapanda beat this with a total of 26 laps (10.4km).

Congratulations to all the children who participated! We thank parents and all well-wishers for their support in helping the children raise money for Kapanda School. This year, a total of K8, 600 was raised towards buying new desks!

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