Welcome to Chengelo's 30th Anniversary!

We are very excited to be arranging our biggest anniversary event yet and we hope that many of our past students, staff, parents and friends will join us to celebrate what God has done for our school over the last three decades!

To manage the logistics of this multi-day event, we will need every person attending to fill out our registration form so that we can plan ahead effectively. Before you do this, you will need to do the following:

1. Arrange somewhere to stay. As school is in session Chengelo will not have any accommodation available on-site but there is accommodation available at Ndubaluba as well as in lodges in the area.


2. Read over everything we have planned over the 4 days and decide which events and activities you will be coming to and how many school lunches you need to book.


3. Once you have your accommodation booked and confirmed, please complete the registration form.