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Prince and Princess of the Sprints

This years Primary Prince and Princess of the Sprints was more supported than previous years, with the whole Primary School watching this annual 100m speedway event.

Our ‘Princesses’ were the first to compete, where Liseli Muyaba finished comfortably in 1st place with a time of 15.07sec, followed by a dashing Ester Mutoloki in 2nd and a determined Mukupa Mutimushi in 3rd place.

Our ‘Princes’ proved to be very competitive and the boys fought a strong battle in the hopes of being crowned ‘Prince of the Sprints’! Alinane Mushota came out victorious in 1st place with a time of 14.41sec, followed by a threatening Benjamin Hammond in 2nd place, and a challenging Joshua Malokota in 3rd place.

The final event of the day witnessed the surprise 100m staff race where the staff dressed up in fabulous, colourful attire to close this royal occasion! Well done to everyone involved!

Stewart Saint




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