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Grade 2 and 3 Camp

The Grade 2s and 3s had a fabulous camp at Ndubaluba last week full of fun, excitement and adventure! We travelled around the world, through the different continents, and discovered many wonders on the way. In Asia we looked for pandas way up in the bamboo shoots and the students had to complete a rope walk high above the ground. A favourite activity for many was the zip line and the children had to imagine zip lining though the Grand Canyon in North America. We also loved visiting Oceania, down at the dam, and we enjoyed paddling under the beautiful blue sky!

Kisha: Ndubaluba was fun! I liked the zip line best because I went really fast and I was a bit scared!

Asiah: The zip line was challenging because it was very very fast and high up but I still liked it!

Isla: I learned lots about the continents and I liked Asia best. I like doing scary things and the rope walk was so high up! I thought I was going to fall but I didn’t!

Thank you Mrs Wongani and your team for a splendid couple of days, for pushing us hard and showing us how wonderful our world is.

Story and Picture credit: Mrs Gwyneth Bentley

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