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Congratulations to our A Level Class of 2020!

After the turbulent events of 2020, we are exceptionally proud of our Sixth Form students, who have worked hard under unprecedented circumstances to achieve some of the best results we have seen in recent years!

A Level
At A level this year, 52% of all grades were A*/A grades, and 85% of all grades were A*-B, with 100% pass rate.

Notable performers were as follows:

  • Luyando Lisimba:           A* A* A*
  • Natasha Musunka:         A* A* B
  • Mwaka Mukata:              A* A  A
  • Kaluba Chipimo:            A* A B
  • Changa Malama             A* B B

Special mention must go to Mrs North’s psychology class, who all gained A* grades!

AS Level

At AS level, 45% of all grades were A-B, with 70% of grades A-C, and a pass rate of 95%.

Notable performers were as follows:

  • Saul Chipwayambokoma:           A A A A
  • Jinglin Li:                                      A A A A
  • Namweemba Muhundika:         A A A A
  • Musangu Mfuya:                         A A B B
  • Mubanga Mutimushi:                A A B
  • Robyn Sherriff:                            A A B

We give thanks to God for his faithfulness and congratulate all our students! We wish you the very best in your future endeavours and look forward to hearing about them.

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