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The “Cookery Bookery”

At the beginning of the year, our tutor group set out to learn some simple recipes, with the help of Sarah North, our beloved tutor. We were hoping these recipes would come in handy when we moved out into the real world to pursue our careers or move onto new adventures (preferably not living off two-minute noodles while doing so).

This was when the idea popped up to make a recipe book of everything we learned to keep with us in our further endeavours. We soon thought it would be a good idea to get teachers, friends and families to contribute a favourite simple recipe of theirs too. With much collating, editing and tinkering, there are over 200 recipes creating what we have today; “The Cookery Bookery”.

Our book is now on sale for only K200 with the aim of raising money towards improvements for our 6th Form centre! To buy your copy, please get in touch with Mrs. North on +260 96 8033530‬.



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