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Once again, Chengelo Student Achieves ‘Top in the World’ Exam Result

We are delighted to announce that one of our Class of 2019 Sixth Form students, Amy Jacobsz, has just received news from the Cambridge examination board that she has achieved the prestigious ‘Top in the World’ award for her outstanding performance at A level in Psychology!

Cambridge Top in the World awards are given to learners worldwide who achieved the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject. Given that the IGCSE syllabus is taught in nearly 5,000 schools across 145 countries, this is an incredible feat!

Amy becomes the 9th Chengelo student in recent years to achieve this accolade following in the footsteps of previous leaders in their fields:

  • Luyando Lisimba: Top in the World for IGCSE Agriculture in 2019.
  • Stephanie Nyambe: Top in the World for IGCSE Agriculture in 2016.
  • Julu Lund: Top in the World for A-Level Computer Science in 2015.
  • Anna DeWet: Top in the World for A-Level Psychology in 2015.
  • Dalitso Moyo: Top in the World for IGCSE Computer Science in 2015.
  • Munashe Muyangwa: Top in the World for IGCSE Design and Technology in 2015.
  • Karan Patel: Top in the World for IGCSE Business Studies in 2015.
  • Julu Lund: Top in the World for AS level Mathematics in 2014.

In her own words, Amy reacted to the news, “I am delighted to have won this award and am very grateful to everyone who helped me along the way. I am especially thankful to Mrs North for always pushing me and believing in me from the very beginning. Psychology is such a fascinating subject to learn as there will always be more to uncover with the human mind. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in the classroom and would definitely encourage other students to take it at A level.”

This award is the 2nd Top in the World, that Mrs. North has achieved in her Psychology A-level class: “I had an extra bounce in my step this week as I am so proud of Amy and this award. I am thrilled that she has been rewarded for all the work she put in! She has also confirmed that chocolate brownies really do help students to achieve the highest marks possible!”

The School Principal, Mr. Andrew Cowling congratulated Amy saying,  “Well done Amy!  This is another excellent achievement. These awards are a tremendous testimony to the hard work put in by students and their teachers and reflect a real mastery of the subject. Chengelo is proud of you!”

Congratulations Amy and we wish you all the very best as you go on to university!


  1. Steve Banister

    Well done Amy for obtaining the “Top of the World” result. An excellent achievement and thoroughly deserved. Well done Sarah North for your teaching and giving Amy all the encouragement and direction needed.
    Well done to Andrew Cowling and all the staff for providing the support and environment for Amy and all Chengelo students to achieve their potential.

  2. Judi Sprayberry

    Wow! We are soooo impressed! Well done! Students and teachers!

  3. Ora Jansen

    Congratulations to my niece Amy Jacobsz for achieving this incredible award! Well done to Mrs North, the School Principal and the staff for all your hard work and dedication to your students!

  4. Sundresh Amigan

    Congratulations Amy. Hard work pays. Keep it up and the sky limit has been reached.
    Sundresh Ammigan Fcma Cgma Fzica
    Teacher at Simba from 1988 to 2015.

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