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Corona Virus (Covid-19) School Update

Statement ID: CS-CVD19-16032020-1

16th March 2020


Dear Parents

In this period of uncertainty regarding the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we at Chengelo School wish to communicate very clearly with all of our students, parents, and other stakeholders regarding the steps we are taking as a school to protect our community. The health and safety of our children and community is our chief priority and we will do everything in our power to keep them safe.

As a school it is crucial that we take both the risk of contagion as well as our responsibility not to contribute to the spread of the pandemic very seriously.

At the same time, however, we must ensure that we do not spread panic, contribute to misinformation, or react preemptively before it is necessary or helpful.

Please remember that at the moment, we are safe both within the school and within the broader community. Chengelo will remain open until either we assess that a real risk has developed or we are directed by our government authorities to close. In the event of this occurring, we will communicate with you as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

As the situation surrounding the pandemic is changing rapidly, please carefully read any communication from the school to make sure you have the latest information.

In the meantime, below are the measures we are taking to keep our community safe:

  • We are using this as a learning opportunity to educate our children about the spread of disease and to reinforce the importance of proper hygiene, handwashing, and avoiding unnecessary physical contact etc.
  • We have put in place hand sanitizing stations at the school gate and we will increase the number of handwashing stations throughout the site. Everyone will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the school campus.
  • We will be conducting a thorough, deep cleaning of our entire site.
  • As of Monday, 16 March, we have cancelled all events with other schools until further notice.
  • We have cancelled all international trips for students and staff.
  • We are communicating with all of our staff to ensure that they have the latest, accurate information about the pandemic and effective measures to prevent its spread.

Here is what we would like to ask you to do as members of our community:

  • If you have travelled to any infected country within the past fourteen days, please contact us before visiting the school.
  • Join us in educating your children about the importance of hygiene.
  • Please do not post anything regarding the pandemic on social media that may cause unnecessary anxiety or fear in others.
  • For further accurate information about Covid-19, please visit the World Health Organisation website here.

We are aware that schools around the world are closing and we are developing a plan for continuing to provide for the educational needs of our students in the event of school closure. We will update you about this plan if and when this becomes necessary.

Our leadership team is meeting frequently and regularly to evaluate the situation and make decisions accordingly. We will update you immediately as these decisions are made.

Please feel free to contact us at any time you have any questions or concerns.

Yours faithfully,





Andrew Cowling
School Principal

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