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ISAZ 2020 Northern Region Swimming Gala

On your marks, ‘beep‘! This was the familiar sound that rang throughout the day as children dived into the pool race after race after race.

Chengelo Primary hosted the first ISAZ Northern Region Swimming Gala of the year this past weekend. After a wet and thundery week we were blessed to have a sunny dry spell that lasted the entire morning. The aim of the gala was to give children opportunities to swim against others but also to better themselves. For this reason, we promoted an atmosphere of teaching and learning where both coaches and officials were able to support and encourage the swimmers during the gala.

Some of our youngest swimmers described the day as, ‘a bit scary‘ (Stuart Paton) but ‘really good‘ (Yahvi Sharma). We also asked our older Grade 7 swimmers what they thought of the gala. Raphael Chibangu wisely reflected that ‘competition helps us to become better‘ whilst Yamikani Sikamo said that ‘it was fun to swim against his friends from other schools‘. Abigail McLeod admitted that she was ‘nervous but excited at the same time‘ and Antonella Malenga said that she enjoyed swimming in the Individual Medley because it was a ‘new experience‘ for her.

It was a great day for our swimmers and we were very proud of them. Chengelo came 3rd with 185 points, Lechwe came 2nd with 225 points and Simba International came first with 248 points. Congratulations Simba and thank you to all the schools for making the long journey to Chengelo to compete!

Well done everyone!

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