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Chengelo celebrates another year of successful AS and A Level Results!

The hard work of students and staff has paid off as Chengelo enjoy another year of excellent examination results. In the Lower Sixth, students achieved a 98% pass rate with 27% of grades being A grades! Some notable successes include the following students:

Luyando Lisimba          A,A,A
Kaluba Chipimo            A,A,B,C
Mwaka Mukata              A,B,B,B
Natasha Musunka        A,B,B,C
Changa Malama            A,A,B,D
Mwai Kaunde                 A,B,B,C
Nicolas Edmonstone   A,B,B

Most Improved Students in Lower Sixth

It’s important to recognize the outstanding progress made by individuals throughout their time at Chengelo and this year we would like to highlight Bongani Longwe, who achieved above his target grade in all subjects and Mwai Kaunde who achieved equal to or above his target grade in all subjects.

Other students who achieved on or above target are Mwaka Mukata, Natasha Musunka, Nicolas Edmonstone and Luyando Lisimba – Congratulation and very well done!

Upper Sixth A Level Results

In the upper sixth form, students achieved a 96% pass rate, again with an encouraging number of students (26%) achieving the highest possible grades of A* and A grades – well done and congratulations! We would like to recognize the following students who achieved outstanding A Level results:

Bina Mukuyamba             A* A* A* A*
Amy Jacob                           A*A* A
Isaac Mtonga                      A A B B
Celia Sherriff                      A A A B
Rebecca Green                   A* A* D
Ruvimbo Saungweme     A B B

Most Improved Students in Upper Sixth

We’d like to also recognize those students who have demonstrated great improvement across all their subjects over the two years A Level course: Rebecca Green, Celia Sherriff and Bina Mukuyamba all excelled in their examinations achieving well above their target grades – well done!


  1. Matembo

    Well done to the students and thank you teachers.

  2. Patricia Edmonstone

    Well done to students and staff for their input!

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