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Primary Swimming Gala!

The staff and children came back from the half term break well rested and full of energy, ready for our annual Inter-House Swimming Gala. A nasty bout of flu had caused us to postpone our gala but with almost all our primary children fit and healthy again, it seemed that this gala was worth the wait!

The afternoon began with great excitement and a festive display of yellow, red and green house t-shirts. The swimmers splashed their way from start to finish. The children squirmed in the waiting pens full of anticipation. The stands chanted war cries, urging the swimmers on. The staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the gala ran smoothly. The parents proudly captured their children on camera. Needless to say, the gala was a great success.

Each and every one of our Primary School children gave of their very best. As a school we celebrated a whopping 10 records (8 being previous records broken and 2 being new records set). Rather impressive! The children anxiously waited as the scores were tallied and the results were read out. How had each house fared? Sable in third place with 167 points, Kudu in second place with 187 points and Impala claimed first place with a victorious 206 points.

Congratulations to Impala and well done to all our swimmers!

Story by Bridget Saint

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