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Chengelo Primary Cross Country

Primary Cross Country Event

Last Friday the Primary School staged their inter-house Cross Country event.

There was a great atmosphere as the children sat out under the jacaranda trees in their different teams. The Grade 4 girls started the event off and as they came to the finish line Kara Anderson just pipped Naomi Foster to the post, Sable and Kudu had points on the board! The competition had begun!
A number of records were broken, with notable runs from Kezia Thompson who took 23 seconds off the Grade 2 girls record. Antonella Malenga and Raphael Chibangu set new records for the Grade 6’s and Cawanzi Banda smashed the Grade 7 boys record!

It was a close competition with just a few points between all of the teams but this year’s champions were … KUDU!

Well done to Primary for putting on a fantastic event! It’s always great to see the kids cheering their team members on and we love having our parents come to support our students so thank you to all who attended!

Tradition dictates that we finish with the Parent/Teacher races! Mrs Anna Wade held onto the title of ‘Fastest Mama’ making that four years undefeated! The guys didn’t have such a smooth time of it but Mr. David Tembo had been practising and he took the title! Congratulations to them both!

Article by Gwyneth Bentley
Photographs by Heather Gerety

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